MARCH 23, 2021 // 8:30PM ET





MARCH 23, 2021 // 8:30PM ET



Join us for Church of God's Advance Online Summit! We'll be sitting down to hear from a variety of renowned leaders and doctors who aim to inform listeners of the value and benefits of continuous, lifelong learning! Join us for this powerful and insightful event!

During this virtual experience, you'll be able to claim a FREE copy of Dr. Michael Reynolds' brand new book Still Off-Base About Race.


Dr. Tim Hill

Dr. Tim Hill invokes the value of developing your leadership skills and culture in a fast-paced, driven world. You’ll discover just how meaningful it will be for your passions and gifts, if you invest in personal development.

Dr. David Ramirez

Dr. David Ramirez will share the value of finding creative ways to share your faith with others. As we discover new, exciting ways to spread messages of hope virtually, you’ll be inspired to learn virtually as well to further the Kingdom of God.

Sam Chand

Sam Chand will share the value of being a lifelong learner. In today’s society, information, methods and updates come at us very quickly. It is imperative that each of us commits to continual growth.

Dr. Michael Reynolds

Dr. Michael Reynolds will highlight ideas from his book, Still Off-Base About Race, and emphasize the power of unity in the body of Christ. Each of us has potential to bring healing to this theme through our efforts to understand.

Daniel J. Vassell

Daniel J. Vassell brings the importance of preparing ourselves for God’s Kingdom work to light in his discussion of Mobilizing Laity for the Harvest. You’ll come away understanding the need to immerse yourself in the preparation for God’s work.

Fred Garmon Ph.D.

Fred Garmon comes from a strong background in leadership development and will speak on Train toward your strengths: Character, Competence, and Compassion to Serve. Not only should you identify the gifts God has given to you, it is vital that you continuously develop that gift.

Dr. Debbie Murray

Dr. Debbie Murray will share on the topic of Education Today and Future. As a leader in the development of youth programs and people, she will bring new ways of thinking about education to the forefront for you.

Paula Hill

Paula Hill will join us via interview to discuss the many facets of women’s ministry and how you can be a part of that growth within the COG, as well as with a missional mindset to reach the lost around you.

Fernanda Ramirez

Fernanda Ramirez serves the Church of God as a member of the International Executive Women’s Ministry team. She is a graduate of Lee University and an advocate for women's advancement. She is the proud wife of Dr. David Ramirez and mother to three grown adults.

Pamela Brewer

Rev. Pamela R. Brewer, and husband Dr. O. Wayne are serving as Directors of Women’s Discipleship and Men’s Discipleship, respectively, bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to their positions of ministry.

Erica Reynolds

Pastor Erica C Reynolds is a licensed minister with the Church of God denomination. She served as worship pastor for the Musical Arts Department of New Life Celebration Church, in Dolton, IL. She preaches and teaches the gospel and was a Junior High teacher for New Life Celebration Christian Academy in Dolton, IL.

Still Off-Base About Race

Why are we still off-base about race in the United States?

The question may seem simple, but its answer is likely more complex than many imagine. There is still enormous anger and confusion surrounding the issue in our culture. Why is the issue of race such a difficult matter to talk about? And why is racial justice so difficult to achieve? The evidence of the problem has become blatantly obvious, but finding the resolution is a challenge. 

In Still Off Base About Race by Dr. Michael Reynolds, you will have a chance to dive deep into the elaborate (and often chilling) history behind the fight for racial justice in America. Dr. Reynolds will enable you to take a look from a pastor’s perspective at the hardships and pain African Americans have suffered (and are currently suffering) in our nation.

During this online summit, you'll be able to claim a FREE copy of Dr. Michael Reynolds' brand new book Still Off-Base About Race.


You need to register for the event to be able to claim your free copy of Dr. Michael Reynolds' brand new book Still Off-Base About Race.